1st Term: Personal Project. Photos.

Finally: Bigger picts of the jacket, the trousers (both cotton organdy, magnetic buttons and french seams), the latex/silk jersey body, the corset and customized shoes.

2nd Term: Sponsored Project. Crystals and lace.

Sample- and Sketch clippings from a sponsored project with a lace and a crystal manufacturer (Guess who..). Taking in consideration that lace or crystals are not my N°1 favourite materials, the project was really interesting and new. It gave me the oppurtunity to work in a very narrative and overdrawn direction. The inspiration for this project were digital grids, pixels and squares.

2nd Term: Colourproject. Free Sketchwork.

A choice from the colourproject we did over christmasholidays. Task was to deal freely and intuitively with colour, to mix them and find a palette of colours, that represent one's personal taste and favourites in a way. The project was the continuation of a drawing workshop with Julie Verhoeven, at the end of the first term.