1st Term: Glasses Project. Mix and Match. Sketches.

This project is a competition, sponsored by the Federation of Manufacturing Opticians in Great Britain. The briefing was to design six glasses for men, women or children, either sunglasses or prescriptions.
My concept is a set of arms, screws and  "frontspoilers" and the lenses, that can be mixed with each other. It gives the opportunity to the manufacturer to sell parts of glasses for a lower price to the costumer, but in the same time maybe sell more, because the customer wants to mix the parts and designs. The customer has freedom and flexibilty in the choice of design: With two sets of glasses one has already nine different ways to wear the glasses. 
The concept is to offer different designs for different customers with different taste, personality and needs, prescriptions and sunglasses, with the same mechanism to mix and match them all.
The lenses are inspired by car headlights. The lenses are fixed by the screw thread in the arms and the screws from the other side, some have additionally the frontspoilers to connect the left lens with the right. Above some of the sketches and some of the lenses.

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