3rd Term: Stretchproject. Clippings from the Sketchbook.

Third term's main project was about stretch and jersey fabrics. The research was based on pictures found in the V&A study room (http://www.vam.ac.uk/resources/print_study_reading/). We had to choose three images and work from them, using collage or drawing techniques. The task was not only to design the looks and a line-up of 12 illustrations, but also to create a collections of at least 30 matching items in stretch or jersey fabrics. I used a transparent heat foil print to depict the graphic design with the lines and blocks on the fabric. As we were sponsored by Marioboselli for this project, I was lucky to use some classic jerseys in great quality. My main idea was to combine fragments of garments and "fuse" them by using sportswear vocabulary, such as elastic gathering, ribbing and an easy way of pulling on and off the clothes.

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